Building long lasting tennis courts in the northeast requires a special knowledge and experience.
Maine Tennis & Track provides building and construction experience following the guidelines set forth by the American Sports Builders Association.

Some of the services we offer but are not limited to include:

  • Assistance and recommendations for site selection.
  • Site clearing and excavation.
  • Site specific drainage system design and installation.
  • Sub-base preparation using common construction fabrics and materials.
  • Gravel installation and compaction of the court base.
  • Laser guided fine grading to ensure the proper pitch and slope of the project.
  • Oversight of paving and/or the installation of soft or synthetic surfaces.

We offer a number of different fencing options for materials and layout. Fence fabric choices include galvanized, black or green vinyl, and netting. Framing can consist of steel post both galvanized and colored, pressure treated lumber, and cedar. There are many fence layout options. Fences can be fully enclosed, have openings at the net line, have step-downs from 10’ to 3’ or 4’, or California Corners.

We offer quality lighting systems to meet the specific needs of each court setting.

We work with our customers to ensure we achieve their “vision” of the final project.