Other Surfaces

Applying the same building techniques used for tennis courts we also design, build, rebuild, surface, resurface and repair:

Basketball Courts – with high quality acrylic/latex surfaces, complete court lines and the installation of a full line of backboard and pole systems.

In-Line Skating – We offer a smooth, heavy duty surface that can withstand the rigorous demands associated with roller hockey rinks and skate parks.

Shuffleboard – A smooth consistent surface that can be aesthetically tailored to your needs.

There are many other recreational surface systems that we build, install and maintain.

Multi-Game Sport Court – A relatively new product, multi-game sport courts are floating surfaces that are commonly used for a combination of tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball and paddle tennis. These surfaces offer reduced stress and fatigue to knees and joints and take up less space than a tennis court.

Volleyball – We offer a sand or asphalt base and the installation of net and posts (adjustable posts available) as well as lines.

Bocce Courts – Using the same techniques and installation guidelines as fast dry tennis courts, we can construct bocce courts to standard or specialized dimensions using Har Tru material.

Horse Arenas & Riding Rings – With our laser grading technology we can level, smooth, and pitch your riding surface to you specific needs. We install a variety of surfaces to include sand and rubber which create a safe riding environment.

Athletic Fields – We offer base work, drainage and laser grading. The foundation for the ultimate athletic field.