Tennis Courts




Hard Courts:
Maine Tennis & Track offers construction, surfacing, resurfacing, and repair service options. From bird baths to crack repair, we are at your service using the most up to date methods and products, including the Armor Crack Repair System. We surface and resurface tennis courts with acrylic recreational sports coatings from the top manufacturers in the industry, including cushioned systems to reduce some of the impact from playing on hard courts. The products have been tested for weathering caused by Ultra Violet rays and pace rated by the ITF.

Soft Courts:
Maine Tennis & Track offers a wide variety of soft court construction and service options. We have a vast knowledge of both clay and fast dry surfaces. We are available to inspect and evaluate courts and facilities to include verifying existing grades and slopes for accuracy and playability. We provide an annual spring reconditioning service that will have you up and playing as soon as the weather permits. In addition to performing court maintenance and reconditioning we install, maintain, and provide diagnostics for automated irrigation systems.
As well, we are suppliers of fast dry materials, playing tapes, drag brooms, and anything else you would need for your clay court.

Synthetic Courts:
Maine Tennis and Track offers construction, surfacing, and repair options for sand filled surfaces from NGI Sports. From the “grass court” to synthetic turfs that are filled with sand that is locked in place with binder sprays and then surfaced like a hard court, we can provide the cushioned playing experience you desire.

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